Setia West Marine, Malaysia - List Of Marine Manufacturers We Represent

  SIERRA is the world’s largest supplier of engine replacement parts for all popular brand engines. Sierra’s extensive product line includes; ignition accessories, starters/alternators, outboard/inboard fuel accessories, drive system components, gasket sets, exhaust manifolds and many more marine engine-related items. Additional Sierra divisions include; MARINEWORKS (circuit breakers, fuses, and trailer accessories), SHIELDS (marine hose for bilge, exhaust, fuel, sanitation, and many other applications. Visit Shields at: Visit Sierra at:
  TELEFLEX MARINE - The number one manufacturer of mechanical and hydraulic steering systems for almost any boat or yacht size. Teleflex is also a leading manufacturer of controls, and control cables. All products are available for installation by boat manufacturers or for replacement systems. Teleflex products are engineered for safety and reliability and are used by most major boat builders in the USA and worldwide. When you buy Teleflex products, you know you are buying the best. Visit Teleflex at:
  TAYLOR MADE PRODUCTS - One of the most experienced (over 100 years) premier manufacturers of reliable high-quality marine products. Taylor Made is the manufacturer of the world-famous Taylor Made fenders, buoys, mooring whips, dock fendering products, flags, pennants and many more popular Taylor Made marine accessories.
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  TURNING POINT PROPELLERS - manufactures high performance aluminum and stainless steel propellers. Turning Point produces the very unique and popular interchangeable hub system. These MasterGuard® and MasterTorque® Hub Systems help protect engines/drives from shift shock, impact shock, and harsh vibrations. Turning Point provides distributors with the most durable and best performing propellers for all different engine applications, with much lower stock inventory requirements, and at very competitive prices.
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  SHURHOLD INDUSTRIES: Shurhold is the oldest and most recognized manufacturer in the USA, and the world, of premier boat and RV specialty maintenance care accessory products. Original creator of the "One Handle Does It All", exclusive SHUR-LOK quick release system, which locks the Shurhold handle quickly and easily with all Shurhold accessories. Unique rich wood brush heads with rubber protective bumpers and the highest quality bristles are designed for the most discerning yachtsmen and RV owners. The range also includes a selection of swab mop qualities to clean the most rugged or fragile surfaces, squeegees, stainless steel gaff hooks, nets, boat hooks, paddles and many other accessories that fit the Shurhold SHUR-LOK telescoping or fixed deluxe handles. Display racks are also available. Visit Shurhold at
  ATTWOOD - A premier USA manufacturer, Attwood produces a full range of marine products and equipment, including bilge pumps, blowers, navigation lights, LED interior lighting, seating systems, gas springs, fuel systems, fishing accessories, ski pylons, and Swivl-Eze seat hardware and accessories. Attwood's products are recognized as quality leaders throughout the world. From bow to stern, Attwood offers top quality products at competitive pricing to distributors and boat builders worldwide. Visit Attwood at:
  THETFORD CORPORATION - Thetford offers the most complete range of low cost portable toilets. Different models are available that offer installation flexibility to meet requirements for boats, recreational vehicles, and the transportation industry. Thetford also offers a full range of toilet chemicals and the premier range of Wilcox Crittenden manual & electric heads and hardware. Visit Thetford at:
  BARNEGAT LIGHT - America's premier manufacturer of hull docking lights, underwater and swim platform lights, dock underwater lights, interior lighting, plus a wide range of specialty lighting products for many marine applications. Visit Barnegat Light at:
  BUCCANEER ROPE COMPANY - The Buccaneer Rope Company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality rope products, under the same ownership and operating management, for over 27 years. Buccaneer has pioneered the development of specialized factory equipment to meet the ever-increasing high volume production, quality and safety standards. Each of the strands are metered and measured as they are formed into rope, guaranteeing that the length of each strand is exactly the same. This provides a balanced and safer rope with each strand carrying the same equal load.
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  CAMP CO. - - The major USA supplier of electrolysis anodes. Camp offers a full range of the highest quality zinc anodes for shafts, rudders, trim tabs, hulls, most outboard, inboard/outboard, and inboard diesel engines. A wide variety of sizes, including metric sizes, are all available at competitive prices.
  CAVINESS - America's largest and most famous manufacturer of paddles and oars. Caviness also features the widest range of paddle and oar styles available from any manufacturer worldwide. A large variety of paddles and oars are available in natural woods and high impact plastics. Widest selection and most competitive pricing.
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  COBRA ELECTRONIC CORPORATION - is a leading global manufacturer of navigation and communication products, with a track record of delivering innovative and award-winning products. Building upon its early leadership position in the GMRS/FRS two-way radio, radar detector and citizens band radio industries, Cobra has today become a new leader in the marine electronics market with their range of feature packed GPS products, chart plotters and waterproof VHF transceivers. Please visit Cobra Electronics on the Internet at
  COLE HERSEE - America's premier producer of marine electrical products, truly manufactured in the U.S. The range includes ignition switches, push button, push-pull, toggle and rocker switches as well as terminal and fuse blocks. Solenoids, battery selector switches, indicator lights, and many other key electrical items fill out the range. This is the top quality range of electrical products for boats, yachts, and ships.
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  FARIA MARINE INSTRUMENTS - The world's leading and largest marine instrument and gauge manufacturer. Faria is the supplier of marine instruments and gauges to the vast majority of USA boat builders, marine distributors and panel manufacturers. Clamshell product, bulk-packed product and customized products are all available from Faria.
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  GARELICK - Garelick is the manufacturer of "EEZ-IN" boat ladders, the most widely used and highest quality boarding, transom, and cockpit ladders. Garelick manufactures an extensive range of technology leading seat pedestals, seat mounting hardware, high quality marine chairs, seats, tables, and a full range of related accessories. Boat hooks, auxiliary outboard engine mounting brackets, and Garelick marine accessories generate sales at any marine store and are included by boat manufacturers as standard equipment. Visit Garelick at:
  Golight is a leading global designer and manufacturer of remote controlled, handheld and portable lighting solutions, in both 12v and 24v models, for the marine and recreational vehicle markets. All Golight searchlights and spotlights combine a unique 370° rotation with 135° tilt—creating a sphere of coverage that reaches the most extreme angles. Golight features three remote control options, including wireless, to give the user precision control from virtually anywhere. The highest quality UV materials are implemented into our impact resistant housing to protect the Golight from cracking, warping and discoloration. The vital mechanisms of each Golight are sealed from exposure to rain, snow and are saltwater resistant. Visit Golight at:
  HUBBELL MARINE - offers the world's most comprehensive range of high quality marine shore power products. Hubbell offers a wide range of stainless steel and non metallic shore power inlets of traditional style or contemporary design, with superior terminations ranging up to 200 amperes. Hubbell cable sets and adapters are fully molded with mechanically crimped terminations for longer life (available in white or traditional yellow). Hubbell twist-lock® plugs and connectors set the industry standard for superior quality and durability. Hubbell has a large variety of inlets, connectors, and adapters in 125V, 230V, 250V, 480V, 600V, 15A, 16A, 30A, 32A, 50A, 63A, 100A and 200 Amps, plus internationally rated pin & sleeves devices in 240V. Visit Hubbell Marine at
  KWIK TEK: The leading worldwide supplier of towable inflatable water toys, including the famed Airhead, Sportsstuff and World Industries range of products. Kwik Tek is also a leading supplier of wakeboards, kneeboards, water skis, personal floatation devices (UL and CE), snow sleds and many other unique products and related accessories. Kwik Tek is also the supplier of world-famous Jet Logic personal watercraft accessories, ATV Logic all terrain vehicle accessories, Dry Pak waterproof cases and ScootR Logic scooter accessories
Visit Kwik Tek at:,,,
  LENCO MARINE INC. - Lenco Trim Tabs are the world’s leading range of electric trim tabs. Lenco’s ball screw design is more reliable, twice as powerful and features an instant response, making them very user friendly compared to typical hydraulic trim tabs. Quickest and easiest trim tabs to install with plug & play Deutsch plug connectors. Lenco Trim Tabs are oil free and are environmentally friendly. Since Lenco actuators are electromechanical, they provide an immediate response at the touch of the switch. Lenco Trim Tabs allow your boat to get on plane faster and continue planing at lower speeds. This improves visibility, fuel consumption and the overall performance of your boat. Visit Lenco Marine at
  MR. FUNNEL, the FUEL FILTER FUNNEL is a heavy-duty, fast-flow filter in a funnel that separates damaging free water and debris from GASOLINE, DIESEL, KEROSENE and MIXED 2-CYCLE FUELS. Don't add water and harmful contaminants to your fuel tank.With the FUEL FILTER FUNNEL, you can filter out free water and solids. Dirt and water are practically unavoidable in stored fuel, causing microbial growth, corrosive acids, electrolysis, and rust. These contaminants can restrict fuel flow, plug filters, corrode fittings, decrease the energy level of fuel, and cause engine damage and system failure. Mr. Funnel cleans the fuel before it enters the fuel tank. Visit Mr. Funnel at
  NORCOLD - Suppliers of a complete line of AC/DC refrigerators and portable units for every refrigeration need. Includes: spacious two door models, compact models, and portable units. Norcold refrigerators are ideal for boats, vans, trucks, recreation vehicles and specialty vehicles. Norcold is the yachtsman's choice for refrigerators because of their very quiet compressor and proven reliability. Visit Norcold at:
  PACER MARINE - The USA marine industry’s primary manufacturer of marine grade wire. Pacer manufactures a full range of marine grade wire and cable, to the highest marine standards and specifications. Pacer incorporates the most flexible and pliable insulation and jacketing materials, which also provide excellent resistance to moisture, acids, oil, gasoline, flame and abrasion. The cable and wire range also includes ABYC (Type III) tinned copper marine wire, boat cable and marine primary wire, lightning retardant cables, signal enhancing cables, ship to shore cable, NMEA 2000® cable… and much more. All products meet or exceed ABYC requirements. Pacer uses only UL-listed compounds with excellent electrical and temperature properties, and also complies with USCG, NMMA, CSA, SAE, ANSI, VDE, ISO and other standards. Many complementary electrical accessories are also supplied by Pacer.
Visit Pacer Marine at:
  QMI - Quality Models International Inc. - For over thirty years, QMI has been providing innovative plastic designs and products for the marine industry. QMI produces a wide range of products including: steering wheels, vacuum form dash and instrument panels, cup holders, linear actuators, radio enclosures, grab handles and other specialty products for boat builders. Visit QMI at:
  RITCHIE NAVIGATION - has been the leader in marine compass manufacturing for over 150 years, and has played an integral part in navigation history. In 1850, Physicist Edward S. Ritchie developed the first U.S. manufactured marine compass. Today, Ritchie is a world leading compass manufacturer, offering the most complete range of U.S. made, superior quality compasses, for all applications, from kayaks to commercial and Navy vessels. Ritchie offers a 5-year warranty and has accurately balanced models available for the different magnetic zones in the world, providing the best looking and most precise compasses for navigational purposes.
Visit Ritchie Navigation at:
  SHELBY INDUSTRIES - USA manufactured full range of manual winches for boat trailers and industrial uses. Their unique zinc treatment and coating systems delay corrosion on winches. Also available are couplers, trailer jacks, coupler balls, and other related products for trailer manufacturers and distributors. Visit Shelby at:

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