Marine Stainless Steel

SS316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Genuine SS316 marine grade stainless steel hardware from nuts and bolts to deck and mooring hardware. These marine grade stainless steel hardware will eventually last longer and perform better in harsh sea conditions compared to the standard SS304 grade stainless steel.



SS316 Silhouette Cleat         SS316 Open Base Cleat         SS316 Pull Up Cleat           SS316 Tie Down Cleat             SS316 Chocks


SS316 Mooring Cross Bollard    SS316 Mooring Bollard      SS316 Twisted Shackle     SS316 Sheet Shackle           SS316 Long D Shackle


SS316 Bow Shackle               SS316 D Shackle           SS316 Danforth Anchor          SS316 Bruce Anchor          SS316 Delta Style Anchor


SS316 Folding Anchor       SS316 Anchor Swivel                 SS316 Anchor Roller        SS316 6 Hole Strap Hinge      SS316 Equal Door Hinge


SS316 Strap Hinge      SS316 Unequal Door Hinge          SS316 Lift Ring                         SS316 Fastener              SS316 Spring Deck Hinge


SS316 Base Rail Fittings           SS316 Handrail Fittings          SS316 Bimini Jaw Slide     SS316 Bimini Eye End     SS316 Swivel Eye / Eye


SS316 Swivel Eye / Jaw       SS316 Swivel Jaw / Jaw        SS316 Spring Hook               SS316 Deck Filler          SS316 Rotating Rod Holder


SS316 Flush Mount Rod Holder     SS316 Hose Fittings           SS316 Hose Fittings     SS316 Thru Hull Breather          SS316 Thru Hull


More available models and design. Please contact us for further product information or special bulk orders.