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"World Class Yachting Ropes is our slogan, and we mean it. Decades of experience in manufacturing ropes from high-tech fibers and the continued development in cooperation with big names of the sailing scene have made us one of the leading yachting rope brands. Innovativeness, top performance, reliability, and premium quality are the hallmarks of our products. Whenever we develop something new, our principal focus is on satisfying our customers. Hence, it is no wonder that sailing pros from all parts of the world rely on high-performance ropes made by FSE Robline."

Our yachting cordage connects the pleasure of sailing with high reliability of the FSE Robline rope techology. The cordage of FSE Robline is characterized by best performance for challenging applications. The operation with High-Tech fibers enables the production of cordage with minor weight, high resistance against UV-raises, breaking load, temperature and engine, good grip and high breaking strength.
For the persistent use of the FSE Robline yachting cordage we offer additional services, harmonized accsessories and our knowledge – for Cruiser and Racer.




  ORION 300
Premium-quality high-grip polyester rope offering fantastic value for money
Orion 300 stands out due to its high-quality combination of polyester core and sheathing. Highly abrasion-resistant, UV-resistant, and easy to splice.

The woven 16-plait sheathing of Orion 300 makes the multi-purpose line abrasion-resistant, easy to splice, and UV-resistant. These characteristics help guarantee this product's long service life.
  ORION 500
The all-purpose talent made of polyester

Orion 500 is used as sheet or halyard. Its 16-plait polyester sheathing and its 8-plait core provide for good grip and make the rope easy to splice. What is more, its bold color design makes the rope easily identifiable on board.

The woven 16-plait polyester sheathing, in connection with the 8-plait polyester core, gives Orion 500 its fantastic handling and its high UV resistance. Easy to splice!
  SIRIUS 300
New version of universal genius

As a halyard, sheet or trim line - the Sirius 300 displays its most charming face in all applications. The sailor can rely on Sirius 300 anytime due to the use of high-quality materials both in the sheathing and in the core.

Excellent abrasion resistance due to the woven 32-plait sheathing and low stretch are its hallmark characteristics. Premium-quality PES fibers are used in the core, aptly rounding off the perfect general picture.


Our Performance products were developed specifically for competitive regatta ravers who rely on having the best equipment for the right application.

In performance sailing, we all know there is little margin for error, choosing the right material for its intended application is our goal. Using ropes made by FSE Robline, you can focus entirely on your sailing - our top quality makes it possible.

  ADMIRAL 3000
Best grip and high abrasion resistance for use on winches

Admiral 3000 is the ideal sheet for modern performance cruisers. The high abrasion resistance of the Polyester/Polyamide cover of Admiral 3000 comes in combination with excellent grip and best handling. The high-tech fiber of the impregnated Dyneema® SK78 core stands for high breaking load, lowest stretch, and excellent creep characteristics.
  ADMIRAL 5000
The new Crossover-Rope with a new care out of Dyneema® SK78

Admiral 5000 is a top-performing sheet rope and was developed as a counterpart to Admiral 7000. Attention was paid to every detail that matters in a first-rate sheet. Its 24-plait Polyester cover provides for great ease of splicing and is easy to handle on board . Its 12-plail Dyneema® SK 78 care ensures maximum breaking load, low stretch, and excellent creep characteristics.