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PSP Marine Tapes



PSP manufacture an extensive range of high quality marine tapes. From our modern production unit in Southampton the range is distributed throughout the world by a wide network of wholesalers and ultimately available to the end user through yacht chandlers and on-line resellers. Look out for PSP, easily recognised by the international flag code 'Papa Sierra Papa'

Application : Repair tapes for dacron, mylar and kevlar sails, spinnaker repair tapes, kite tapes, anti chafe tapes, soft grip tapes, safety thread, deck strip, Solas tapes, reflective tapes, fluorescent tapes, glow strips, spray stop tapes and many more.


Sail Repair Tapes

  Heavy Duty Sail Repair Tapes
A self adhesive polyamide fabric sail repair tape. Resistant to sea water and weather conditions, this tape is highly conformable and exceptionally strong.

Colour: White

50mm x 2m
100mm x 2m
  Mylar Sail Repair Tapes
A high clarity UV and salt water resistant, transparent tape for repairs to sail windows and mylar sails.

50mm x 3m (25 mu)
150mm x 3m (50 mu)
  Kevlar Sail Repair Tapes
A high performance Kevlar/Mylar laminate tape for strong repairs to racing sails.

Colour: Gold

75mm x 1.5m
  Spinnaker Repair Tapes
Universally known for a fast effective repair.

Available in 16 colours

50mm x 4.5m
50mm x 25m
  Kite Repair Tapes
This tear resistant adhesive rip-stop nylon is available in an extensive range of colours and comes in a roll width of 150mm. It is perfect for the sailor or kitesurfer, who notices a small tear in their kite or sail, which needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Technical Pack Details:
Roll width: 150mm
Roll Length: 2.5m
16 Colours available including the new fluorescent orange and fluorescent green.

Onboard Repair Tapes

  Spreader Tapes
This soft waterproof spreader tape is ideal for capping spreader ends to reduce chafing of sails.

Colours: White, Black and Silver

25mm x 10m
25mm x 50m
  Self - Amalgamating Tapes
A non-adhesive tape which bonds to itself and not your fittings. Ideal for rigging screws, terminals, on deck electrics and emergency hose repairs. Excellent high voltage properties (dielectric strength 35kv/mm). Ozone resistance, water resistance and the ability to protect against corrosion. Withstands a temperature range of -95°C to 90°C

Colours: White and Black

19mm x 5m
19mm x 10m
25mm x 5m
25mm x 10m
  Grip Tapes
A soft comfortable rubber grip tape to coil wrap tillers, windsurf, kite and ski handles. Pack includes self amalgamating tape to secure ends.

Colour: Black

30mm x 1.8m
  Spray Stop
Provides a cost effect, flexible and IMO compliant solution to prevent the risk of spray out from pipe flanges. Quick and easy to apply.

Available in a retail pack of 25mm or 50mm width, 1m length.

35mm x 10m
50mm x 10m
100mm x 10m
140mm x 10m
250mm x 10m
500mm x 10m

NB: This product is a preventative not a repair solution.

Safety Tapes

  Soft Grip
A soft, comfortable textured rubber tape, coated with a waterproof adhesive that will remove cleanly without leaving any sticky residue. Essential for the dinghy racer, provides extra grip where it's needed.

Colour: Black & Grey

50mm x 4m
100mm x 2m
50mm x 25m
  Heavy Duty Safety Threads
A rugged abrasive, self adhesive anti-slip tape. Ideal for most types of craft, pontoons, landing stages etc. Backed with a PVC liner, this product is fully waterproof.

Colours: Black and Black/Yellow Hazard

Retail Size:
25mm x 5m
50mm x 5m

Trade sizes also available
  SOLAS Self Adhesive Reflective Tapes
Internationally approved for life saving appliances. Proven long-range visibility performance and excellent long-term durability. The tape is embossed with the SOLAS approval.

Colour: Silver

50mm x 1m
50mm x 45m
  Retro Reflective Tapes
This range of self adhesive tape is ideal for night time identification. Colours reflect in the beam of a light. Ideal for tenders, trailers and many on board items.

Colours: Red, White, yellow, Green and Blue. Also hazard chevron stripes.

25mm x 2.5m
50mm x 2.5m
45m rolls also available.
  Glow Strips
A photo-luminescent safety marking tape, which is designed to be seen all night. It is UV and weather resistant and specially designed for exterior use.

3 Rolls 25mm x 1m
2 Rolls 38mm x 1m
1 Roll 25mm x 1m
1 Roll 20mm x 45mm discs
  Hi Viz Tapes
To enhance daytime visibility.

Colours: Red/Orange, Green and Yellow

25mm x 2.5m
50mm x 2.5m
45m rolls also available.