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Setia West Marine, Malaysia - Representing Ronstan for the distribution of one of the top end, innovative sailboat hardware brands in the world. Visit us at our showroom for more Ronstan sailing hardware and gear. Stocks are available for immediate delivery within Malaysia.

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Ronstan Blocks


Ronstan Sheaves


Ronstan Cleats


Ronstan Track and Traveller System


Ronstan Batten System


Ronstan Furlers


Ronstan Stainless Steel Wire Ropes


Ronstan Turnbuckles


Ronstan Shackles


Ronstan Snap Shackles


Ronstan Tillers


Ronstan Sailing Gear and Apparel


Andersen Winches

Ronstan Sailing Accessories and Replacement Hardware

  • Orbit Blocks
  • All Purpose Blocks
  • Core Blocks
  • Clamp Cleats
  • Swivel Cleat Bases
  • V-Cleats
  • Cleat Accessories
  • Battlesticks / Tillers
  • Spinnaker Fitings
  • Rope Stopper
  • Wind Vanes
  • Shackles
  • Snap Shackles
  • Hooks
  • Quick Links
  • Swivel Snap Shackles
  • Sister Clips
  • S-Hooks
  • Beckets
  • Padeyes
  • Swages
  • Deck Organizers
  • Upright Blocks


For more information on Ronstan® products please visit or send us an email at